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"The future of agriculture is not about farming. It's about the wise use of technology to feed the world."

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Our products focus precise nutrient delivery to your plants ensuring healthy crops

Why Rakeeza?


Scalable Solution

Our solutions are scalable to your Farm's Operation size and requirements.

Hydroponic Tech

Enable plant growth in nutrient-rich water, a sustainable alternative to traditional soil-based farming.

High Quality Fertilizer

Formulated to enhance plant growth and optimize harvest yields, ensuring a higher success rate for your farming business.

Competitive Pricing

We are committed to offer affordable solutions, accessible to farmers of all sizes and budgets.

IoT Enabled Farming

Our systems monitor crop fields, utilizing sensors and automated irrigation systems to optimize resources.

Training Support

Empowering farmers with the knowledge and skills needed to utilize the benefits of our agricultural solutions.

Start your Hydroponics farming journey with Rakeeza

We aim to ensure profitability for your hydroponics farm by providing full support before and after the farm set-up with assistance from our expert team.


Farmers are faced with issues impacting agriculture

Scarce Resources

Climate change affects planting schedules, contribute to water scarcity, soil degradation and reduced crop yields.

Scarce Resources

Lack of Agriculture Technology

Agriculture's lag in modernization poses challenges in efficiency, sustainability, and meeting global food demands.

Lack of Agriculture Technology

Lack of Investment

Insufficient investment limits adoption of modern farming technologies which can boost yield & profit.

Lack of Investment

Our Hydroponic System's Benefits & Impacts.

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Cost Saving

From seedling to marketing, we ensure high production, cost reduction and maximum profitability.

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Easy Farming

Rakeeza simplifies vertical farming with automation, minimizing risks and enhancing yields.

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Rapid Scalability

Our highly scalable farms, spanning 500 to 20,000 square meters, allow rapid setup and production.

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Space Maximization

Customized Hydroponic farms can be placed in areas like industrial spaces, restaurants and gardens.


Our products facilitate easy nutrient absorption for plants by removing barriers, ensuring roots have direct access to water, oxygen, and nutrients necessary for their growth and sustenance.

CreativeServices We Provide

We provide quality service & support..

Rakeeza aims to serve as a comprehensive solution for all your farming requirements. In essence, our goal is to ensure that every farmer gains access to hydroponic farming, understands the benefits of modern agriculture, and recognizes how technology can enhance their agriculture business and productivity beyond their expectations.


Business Development Plan

From Feasibility Study to Detailed Project Report, from Greenhouse designing to implementation, Rakeeza offers a complete business plan that can help you develop high ROI from your produce


Farming Technology

With in-house technology, including custom-built automated irrigation systems, climate controllers, and pH regulators for precise nutrient dosing, we ensure optimal plant growth conditions


Agricultural Management

Equipment Selection & Installation. Nutrient Management & Optimization. Climate Control & Monitoring. Harvesting & post-harvest management to enhance your farm & growth potential.


Farm Consultation

1. Soil & Water Analysis 2. Crop & Seed Selection 3. Choosing Suitable Hydroponics system

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