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Smart Agriculture products

We are dedicated to creating the future for the agriculture sector in Oman

Redefine the Agriculture activities<

Build Your Hydroponics systems with Rakeeza

Our services act to removes the barriers between the plant and its nutrients.

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Boost your product with Rakeeza Products

Our products enable you to grow vegetables and fruits in a high yield of product.

Why Rakeeza?

We develop, operate and manage smart agricultural solutions.

Scalable Solution

Our solutions are scalable to your business size and requirements.


A high-tech method of growing plants in water-rich in mineral nutrients instead of soil.

High-Quality Fertilizer

Increase the growth and ripening time of your farming fields and vegetable allotments for higher chance of dropping seeds.

Competitive Prices

Affordability is one of our main goals in order to shape the future for the agriculture sector.

IoT Based Farming

Systems are built for monitoring the crop field with the help of sensors and automating the irrigation system.

Data Driven Solution

Systematically mine data using high speed algorithms to help business owners take the right decision.

Smart Technologies & Redefining Agriculture

We in Rakeeza target to create affordable Hydroponics Smart Technologies that enable to grow vegetables and food by all megaservices of farm and high yield of product.

Current Challenge

Farmers are faced with issues impacting agriculture

Scarcity Resources

Climate changes, drought, pests, or too much moisture can affect crop planting dates which may hinder farming practices.

Scarcity Resources

Poor Utilization of Big Data

Loosing the opportunity to introduce ML, AI & DL for proactive identification of deficiencies & take proactive remedy.

Poor Utilization of Big Data

Lack of Integration

Lack of integration and strategic planning can cause more complexity which needs more interference and is more costly.

Lack of Integration

Our Hydroponic System's Benefits & Impacts.

Impact image

Produces Higher Yields

Creating ideal conditions ensures plants receive the perfect amount of nutrients, which come in dire

Impact image

Require Less Labor

Without the need for tilling, weeding, herbicide and insecticide application, and other labor-intens

Impact image

Reduces Supply Chain

High-quality production can be grown locally even in urban areas and distributed with less waste and

Impact image

Maximizes Space

Hydroponic farming requires less space than plants grown in soil as they can use up to 99% fewer sp


Our products removes the barriers between the plant and its nutrients. This provides the roots with direct access to water, oxygen, and nutrients that it needs to grow and survive.

CreativeServices We Provide

We provide quality service & support..

Rakeeza helps agricultures make the promise of hydroponic technologies a reality. We work collaboratively with you to create a deep understanding of the risks and opportunities presented by new emerging technologies and think creatively about how you can use these technologies to improve business performance.


Agricultural Technology

Latest technologies used in the field of modern irrigation, which is automatic, done to monitor the nutritional status of the plant as well as surrounding environment.


Management And Operation

The management and operation of the farm by our specialized team


Agricultural Consulting

Providing consulting services in the field of hydroponics, fertilizers and pesticides by specialized consultants in the field

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